On-Site Occupational Medicine

Keeping Business Healthy

Maintain a healthy workforce while reducing losses.

A Partner In Health

On-Site Occupational Medicine offers a plethora of advantages for both employees and employers alike. By having medical professionals readily available within the workplace, employees receive prompt and convenient access to healthcare services, resulting in faster diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of work-related health issues.

Maintain A Strong Workforce

This contributes to reduced absenteeism, as minor ailments can be addressed promptly before they escalate into more serious conditions. Moreover, On-Site Occupational Medicine fosters a culture of safety and wellness, as medical professionals can collaborate closely with management to develop and implement effective health and safety protocols.

Increase Profits

This can lead to a decrease in workplace accidents and injuries, ultimately translating into lower workers’ compensation costs for employers. Additionally, by promoting preventive care and health education programs, On-Site Occupational Medicine plays a pivotal role in improving overall employee health and productivity. This proactive approach not only enhances employee morale and satisfaction but also reinforces the organization’s commitment to the well-being of its workforce.

Our On-Site Medical Services Include:

Flu Clinic

Flu vaccines prevent thousands of hospitalizations every year. One person in the office sick with the flu can get everyone sick. Having flu vaccinations conducted at your workplace provides an opportunity for employees to get their shots while ensuring productivity continues.

Biometrics Screening

Biometric screening can ensure a productive workforce by identifying illnesses earlier and maintaining productivity. We offer complete biometric screenings including blood draw, urine samples, cholesterol, glucose, and HBA1C, testing, hip & waist ratio, height and weight, and BMI measurements.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

An important and critical safety aspect of any business is ensuring your employees are drug and alcohol-free. At My Medical Clinic, we offer both in-clinic and on-site drug and alcohol testing for DOT and non-DOT. Testing can be completed via urine, breath, hair, and saliva.

DOT Physical Exams

As a transportation and logistics business, it is imperative that your employees have DOT exams. DOT exams and medical card is required for commercial driving. These exams are performed by our licensed medical examiners listed on FMCSA national registry.

Tuberculosis Screening

Tuberculosis (TB) screening and testing of healthcare personnel is recommended as part of a TB Infection Control Plan and might be required by state regulations. We are able to perform skin and blood TB testing at your place of work. In most cases, blood test results are within 1-2 business days.

Respirator Fit Testing

Fit testing is required for employees wearing tight-fighting respirators, such as disposable or reusable respirators. This procedure helps ensure the user has selected the correct size respirator and that a seal against the face can be made in order to provide the expected protection.


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