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Protect your employees from the hazards of respirable silica with routine medical surveillance and silica physical exams from My Medical Clinic.

Understanding Silica Exposure

Crystalline silica is a naturally occurring mineral found in materials like sand, stone, concrete, and mortar. It is also used to make products such as glass, ceramics, bricks, and artificial stone.

Cutting, sawing, grinding, drilling, or crushing any of these materials will release dangerous and respirable silica dust into the air. Silica dust particles are 100 times smaller than the sand you see on the beach, and are extremely hazardous to human health when inhaled.

Silica exposure poses a threat to more than 2 millions workers in the U.S. The inhalation of crystalline silica particles can lead to serious, even fatal, illnesses, such as lung cancer and silicosis. As an employer, it’s critical you take steps to safeguard the health of any employee exposed to silica while working.

At My Medical Clinic, we understand the complexities of OSHA respirable crystalline silica standards and can provide routine health screening and surveillance to monitor employees’ silica exposure.

Comprehensive Silica Physical Exams, Right at Your Worksite

Our providers are specially trained to identify and respond to respirable crystalline silica-related diseases and symptoms. We travel to your workplace for your employees’ convenience.

The Silica Physical Exam Consist of

Inhaling Crystalline Silica Particles can lead to a host of Serious, and sometimes Fatal, Illnesses, Including:

Understanding crystalline silica exposure.

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